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June Jones has 72 hours to consider an offer from SMU for their head coaching job. He could leave now and Colt Brennan wouldn't hear a thing, mostly because he's still too concussed to piss straight. His coach leaving the state would take a week or two to make sense to him at this point. We're mentioning this again not because we dislike Brennan, but to reiterate that Brennan took an unholy beating last night of the kind you usually only see in Russian soccer riots.( Listen closely, and you will hear Georgia defenders screaming "SPARTAK!!!" on their way into Colt Brennan's fractured body.)

Why Jones would leave heaven to go to SMU baffles us, though the $50,000 recruiting budget might have something to do with it. Hawaii, BCS beating aside, has tons of intangibles for a coach: the lifestyle, the weather, the modest but easy recruiting ("Hey! Wanna play here, or go to hell and gone over on the mainland for four years?"), and the ability to run wacky run 'n shoot offenses with little critical scrutiny. It's the perfect biome for an odd species like Jones, who even with a 1.5 to 1.7 million dollar offer on the table has to consider what he move would entail losing: a job that will likely never fire him to retirement.

They don't let you wear Hawaiian shirts on the job in Texas. Just a hint.

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