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Tears. You wanna watch some people unravel at the end of the game, but in two completely different ways? Then watch the last five minutes of last night's Fiesta Bowl. West Virginia, clearly boiling with unspent aggression and frustration coming into this game, puts on the biggest display of public emotion on record, delighting middle-school guidance counselors everywhere with their ability to healthily express love for each other. Bill Stewart's crying, everyone's hugging, and Owen Schmitt starts to talk about his team, his state, and his home and just completely and gloriously loses his shit. You might laugh at a huge man with a mohawk and blood on his face, but we don't, both out of fear that he'll hurt us and out of pure emotion. WVU's contents were under pressure, but 350 yards rushing on Oklahoma and a 20 point defeat of a team favored by a TD in the Fiesta Bowl represent the textbook way to vent.

Let it out, coach. Photo credit: Matt York, AP.

The Sooners broke up on re-entry last night: following an onside attempt that went awry and ended up in WVU's hands, the Sooners blew themselves apart in a flurry of penalties and poor blocking. Despite giving thirty to forty pounds to Oklahoma's offensive line, the Mountaineers and manbeast Johnny "Yeah, that's my fucking name what about it?" Dingle rounded the corner on almost every play and nullified Sam Bradford. The disappearance of the OU run game may be the greatest mystery in this game, along with the question of exactly where Matt Versgasian saw a runaway beer truck hit a gaping hole on a fullback dive for 57 yards.

If you didn't watch the game, you can always play along with a shameless plug and check out the two minute summaries we have over at the Sporting Blog. (Cha-ching! Annoying cash sound!) You can also note that even with the introduction of a national officiating coordinator, officials in last night's game missed textbook holds by Oklahoma linemen all night, along with chop-blocks on Johnny Dingle.

Auburn does not teach chop-blocking, and waterboarding is an exfoliation treatment. The Wiz points us to the second highly public instance of Auburn chop-blocking someone into injury.

Tommy Tuberville doesn't tolerate chop-blocking. HE SIMPLY ADORES IT.

He's a man, just like his son. Do not let the Insight Bowl 2007 slip into oblivion without noting this item from the Stillwater NewsPress.

While players and coaches were milling around on the field following the game but before the trophy presentation, Ray Gundy, the father of Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, was walking around with one of Coach Gundy’s young sons on his hip. He came over to a group of media members and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at one male columnist that concluded with, “Print that in your f****** paper!”

Well, it'll have more asterisks than Barry Bonds' bio, but if you insist, sir. (HT: RLC)