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Washington State has gone local and hired Paul Wulff, the head coach of Eastern Washington University, as their head coach. Wulff is a Wazzou alum, has compiled a 53-40 record as a head coach at EWU, possesses a deep knowledge of the local football scene, and will shit himself on the field to demonstrate his commitment to his team.


Hey Jenny Slater's Doug points out an interesting ballot from the Heisman voting: Steve Spurrier's.
Spurrier left off Darren McFadden completely, a fascinating move since the Gamecocks allowed McFadden to rush for 321 yards against them in their matchup this season. This may seem like "a dick move," according to Doug, but that reveals his lack of coursework in Ol' Ball Coach studies: Spurrier has no idea what happens when his defense is on the field, meaning he may not even know who McFadden is. Forgive him for the oversight, but it's one of those neurological quirks you'd find in an Oliver Sacks book on his part.

Al Borges is out as offensive coordinator at Auburn, per (HT: The Wiz.) Borges peaked with his work with Jason Campbell, Cadillac Williams, and Ronnie Brown in 2004, but worked the Auburn offense into 101st place nationally in 2007. Whoever Tuberville hires will be good, because Tuberville's some kind of David Copperfield resume magnet wizard, minus the David Copperfield sexual assault accusastions, of course.

In praise of veteran hatchet-men. Paul Finebaum takes out the good axe and swings at Florida State:

"I bought the argument several years ago that Bowden had earned the right to set the terms of his retirement. But that's when he was barely 70. Now, he's knocking on the door of 80 and this once proud program can't be identified even with DNA samples."

And the first person to set a particularly set of arty Florida football clips of Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow crashing through defenses to this song gets a free t-shirt. Nothing's better than a song called "Bodysnatchers" which is, in fact, about bodysnatchers.

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