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Football, and more specifically, college football, is the greatest game there is. What makes it the greatest game, you ask? The reason football is the greatest game is because of the ball itself. The ball is shaped oddly and when it touches the ground it does funny things. Even an expert football player, someone who's spent their entire life playing the game, often loses control of the ball [see: Wilson, John Parker]. It's unwieldly and uncontrollable, like the game itself. A football isn't round, so it's not like other games. Round ball games are for pussies. You drop a round ball and it comes back to you. You drop a football and you don't know what it will do. This uncertainty is why college football is the most beautiful game, and largely because of its uncertainty, many would say this year was the most beautiful college football season of all. The twists and turns started in January, still haven't let up, and we're only now approaching bowl season. Buried in all of this uncertainty, deep in the bowels of the game, is science. What is this science of which I speak? The cold, hard, indisputable science of recruiting. And buried within this science is the lab of mad scientist Joe Wetzel. In his lab, he's done the impossible. He's broken down recruiting class ranks and compared them to actual football results. If you've wondered how good of a job your school does with what they have - Joe Wetzel has the answers. He breaks down all the major conferences, and the Big East. Discuss if you will, but remember, this is science and therefore cannot be disputed.