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With the gap week here, we see a perfect opportunity to look after our interests in the southwestern wing of our "Chinese friends network." We're off to the ranch for vacation, and we're not kidding: we're going to a ranch for vacation, where the website for the place mentions that they can teach you how to pen and rope cattle. This should be an especially useful skill at tailgates, but we're already offering up our collarbone as the bone of choice for gravity to break this trip.

Our all-star roster of guest bloggers will include:

Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, who will provide The Curious Index each morning.

Jebus from Black Heart, Gold Pants, who will be manning the current events and well-captioned photo division.

Holly from Ladies... and Snarkastic, who will be posting whatever she likes.

...and a few more, depending on the weather, rotation of the earth, and the whimsy of the internet gods.

Enjoy the guests, attempt to be pleasant to them, and have a stellar week. We're off to work on our Javier Bardem haircut and wander through the desert looking for stray suitcases of cash. What could go wrong?