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If you missed Darren McFadden's post-game interview last night, you missed bonzo-gonzo fun. Fortunately, YouTube makes up for your lack of diligence. You must thank YouTube now for all the hard work it does, what with all the skateboarding injuries and soccer riots you would have missed without it. (We're sure everyone in that car was fine, despite all the flames and screaming.)

THEY GOT THAT WOOD! It's Ar-ken-SAAAAHW, babee. And don't you forget it. LSU is unlikely to: 32 attempts, 206 yards, 3 TDs, and 3/6 passing with a TD from the Wildhog will leave a burning brand on the memory.

The next video we crave from this game is Peyton Hillis' TD run on a fancified fullback dive/option play. It's one of those gap-defense nightmares when the entire LSU defense looks so convinced that Jones or McFadden will get it at the snap that every linebacker swerves right to block the option lanes, forgetting to account for Hillis. When he hits the hole, it's Mongolia time: green grass, howling wind, and empty space perfect for a one-man stampede to the endzone.

HT: Russell.