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Yes, we know he compared Alabama's loss to 9/11. We've got something coming up on that. We also know that one of our favorite marketing tools on the planet are online campaigns allowing you to fill in your own data in a canned script to send to your friends. (Showtime's Dexter widget, where you can fill in your friend's name on a serial killer's "To-do" list, fooled at least three people we know. This did not include TCOAN, who made the awesome remark that "You can't paint that neatly in blood." We got aroused--is that bad?) lets you put someone on Santa's naughty list with a custom message. They'll also let you use the words "burping" and "farting." We haven't pressed the envelope on it yet, though, so let us know about "rusty trombone," "felching," and the infamous "Bolivian Omelet," ok?