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That's Brasiliera Juliana Paes, our Friday Cheesecake. Isn't she festive? We hate premature holiday celebration, but we forgive her because she is very attractive. Being very attractive in society will get you many, many things: money, sex, fame, the kindness of strangers, unwanted attention from sexual predators. Life's not fair like that, especially if you're unattractive and want the attention of sexual predators. (Hey--we've got all the emails of Kissing Suzy Kolber's staff. We'll hook you up if that's what you're looking for.)

But you do get something back, since being a reader of this blog means that, when we remember, you get tasteful bunda shots of Juliana Paes. So even if you're not attractive, remember: you can always come here and look at attractive people every now and then. Life's a push like that sometimes.

More shots follow--SFW, but not really, no? Enjoy. Or don't, if you don't like looking at women in bikinis.