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Damn you football gods. The nearly Satanic malice of the football gods framing up Dennis Dixon's spotlight game, hyping it up, and then delivering a capricious blow of cruel, non-contact injury has us shaking an angry fist at the heavens. Addicted To Quack says that Oregon lost to "a crap team" in Arizona, and the number certainly suggest that. Oregon's season wasn't ultimately derailed by that crap team, though: frail, faulty human flesh did that in the form of injuries to Dixon and Jonathan Stewart last night with positively Satanic cruelty.

The number of the beast for Oregon was #10 for Dixon. Now, Oregon fans are feeling just as randomly cursed as most every other team occupying the number 2 slot this season. You would think this would be a lame excuse to play some Iron Maiden. And this is an excuse to play some Iron Maiden.

FireCoachO is up and running. He will find you, anonymous hosting or not. Oh, he will find you. And when you do, he will smoke you and turn you into the finest of manbeef jerkies for his eatin'.

Bill Callahan has not been fired yet, and the decision to fire him has not been made, according to Tom Osborne. Made doesn't actually describe how totally made this decision is, so Tom Osborne can't say it. Made is too weak a word--it's more like Tom Osborne will read the decision from divine gold tablets while speaking from the highest point in Nebraska (one of the light towers on the stadium, most likely.)

Percy Harvin continues to struggle with what sounds like the kind of sinus infection one can only pick up in a Russian TB prison. He'll miss the game against Florida Atlantic this weekend in recovery.

Rece Davis makes a porn joke involving [NAME REDACTED.] Life is better when you don't have to make things up.

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