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That game--OOO!. Pat White hit the boosters and went plaid for a 50 yard touchdown to ice a 38-31 win against Louisville. 11 penalties for 116 yards and 3 second half fumbles helped West Virginia give Louisville life in the game after the Cardinals fell behind by 17 points, and the dizzying comeback clearly had Pat White dazed. Or possibly it was the massive hit applied to his skull by a Louisville defender. Either way, he's woozy and victorious!

Louisville needs all of the victories it can get now. Louisville is suing Duke for backing out of three games, further indication that wins are getting more precious with Intergalactic Lord KRAGG-THORPP commanding the once-budding Death Star of the Big East. Brian Brohm, btw, threw into quadruple coverage last night on one play in the first quarter. We have Rex Grossman's phone number if you want to discuss coming back for a dismal final year and how to cope, but we can summarize Rex's antidote in two words: trim and poppers.

The picks column at The Sporting News is up and roaring like oil prices, baby.

"RED! 42! Signing bonus, people! SIGNING BONUS!

America's most prestigious coaching job is open, allegedly: Guy Morriss, Baylor football coach, is likely out at the school following this season, according to one of those program sources we keep hearing about. Nick Saban has denied any interest.

TCU's season to be a potential BCS busting, red-liquid-flying-from-the-eyeballs terror on the national scene has devolved to more modest goals following their defeat at the very polite but uncooperative hands of the BYU Cougars 27-22 in Provo Thursday night.

'Our whole goal is to get to 7-5,' TCU coach Gary Patterson said. 'I don't think there's been any quit in our team all year. There's a lot of character there.'

7-5 or bust!

The Big Ten will suspend the officiating crew that called the Purdue/Penn State game last Saturday and may fire a few, as well, according to Tom Dienhart. Meanwhile, there's still an official in the SEC named "Penn Wagers," and Bob Stoops still spends his Sundays perched in the woods opposite a certain Pac-10 referee's house with an Italian sniper rifle...waiting...

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