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To quote Ed Orgeron: "Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhd-dayyyyuuuuuum!" There's too much going on today. Far, far too much. On our docket:

12:30: Vanderbilt at Florida, Lincoln Financial. Over to you, Dave. Thanks Dave. Fuck you, Dave!

Peeking at: Wake Forest at Virginia. Peeking, because narcolepsy is visually transmitted by watching Al Groh football.

2:30: Navy at Notre Dame! So retro we're wearing a zoot suit and drinking some fiery hooch we bought from a man who lives in the woods behind our dormitory. He said we might go blind! Ah, the humor of the common man!

3:30: Michigan at Michigan State, ABC. Sparty's got a ten inch foam penis under that skirt.

5:00: LSU at Alabama. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate!

8:00 p.m.: Florida State at Boston College 8 p.m. ABC/ South Carolina at Arkansas 8 p.m. ESPN2. A quarterback throwing in a gale? Superb. The comedy should come in bushels as Florida State's already hilariously inaccurate combo of Lee/Weatherford attempt to wing passes in the teeth of a wicked pissah of a Nor'easter. Also scan the stand for Patriots jerseys. Some dickhead will wear one.

Hydrate! Stretch! Enjoy, and as always, leave your comments below.