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Rodin's done it. Gustav Klimt did one, too. But the funniest and most touching work of art we saw this weekend was Tony Joiner's rendition of The Kiss, delivered to one Mr. Tim Tebow on the Florida sidelines following a Florida TD.

For the record, as long as they both play like they did on Saturday, we don't care if they're wearing muscle shirts and PVC pants and doing the gayboy two-step to Crystal Waters on the sidelines in between chugging Cosmos. 59-20 is fabulous no matter who you're kissing. After Saturday, the least we owe Tebow is a kiss on the cheek, which he'd never demand.

Now, Grossman? He'd be holding his balls and demanding a harem. That's just what the Sex Cannon did and does, baby.

(If you want the actual story on the emotional journey of Tony Joiner without the irony, click here, or watch Joiner interact on family night in last week's ESPN fluff piece here. )

By the way, if you're looking for ESPN video on Florida's won't find any. It doesn't exist on ESPN and their video page, just as the potentially epic Florida/LSU game won't be make Gameday, either, as ABC owns the rights to the Red River Shootout that same Saturday. Michael Eisner says this is not the game you're looking for (this is not the game we're looking for...)