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It's all downhill from here. At one point in last night's West Virginia/Maryland game, freshman Noel Devine had a rushing average of 40 plus yards per carry. He's peaked! Devine's jitterbug sidesteps were nearly as nimble as the moves various schools made trying to get him qualified to play, and last night was the showcase as to why: in a game where Steve Slaton and Pat White were reduced to chipping away with mere four and five yard runs against a disciplined Maryland defense, Devine ripped off the coup de awesome in the third quarter before Slaton took senior's dibs and scored the td putting what started as a close game out of reach.

Lou Holtz, please never die. And do not stop doing the mock speeches, because they are comedy of a variety we cannot manufacture or copy. Lou's mock speech to motivate Nebraska contained the following gem:

"I'd rather play USC than UCLA. Why? Because USC's easier to spell."

Watch for yourself below.

The werewolf/geauxrillah gains momentum. Get on the bandwagon now! If you haven't seen Joel's Animated BCS race, get over to RTT post haste and watch the latest edition of the chase, which features a Warren Zevon-inspired tip to our labeling of LSU '07 as "a werewolf with a chainsaw for a dick."

Keyboards dusted with powdered sugar and tobacco juice department. Losers With Socks gets ball-deep in the hallowed SEC tradition of one redneck fanbase insisting the others are bigger rednecks; 3rd Saturday in Blogtober has their own response to our list of reasons why Florida rulz and Tennessee droolz; The Power T gloats over Rex Grossman making a bad decision (um...duh?); and Ragin' Cajun Rebel once laughed at Peyton Manning's pain in person.

Bruins have a Booty, too.

Shakira, Shakira! The Karl Dorrell era just, peaked? Shakira took a class at UCLA this summer, which has nothing to do with misfiring West Coast offenses or bizarre losses to in-conference foes, and therefore has Bruins Nation pretty happy. Stranko just began to think of ways to squeeze in another degree, perhaps at one of California's fine state universities...oh, not thinking of one in particular...

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