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FSU is the new FSU

Jimbo bonkers bouncing in the booth! We were there, which explains the significant delays in posting today, but Rick Trickett's on-camera soliloquy to a lineman who earned a holding penalty sums up new-look FSU well:


Or at least that's what our expert correspondents read on his lips, anyway. Drew Weatherford might be the second quarterback we've ever seen whose "escapability" is as much a threat to his team as it is an asset: for every play he makes by escaping constant pressure, he makes another where takes a sack, loss of yards, or throws a pick.

They've got that first quarter thing down, though. Clemson had an impressive first quarter. Then they went to the stagnation plan for the remaining three quarters, including a dismal third where the coaching staff eschewed everything that worked in the first: the single-wingish formation with Davis and Spiller, the heavy pressure that the hapless Weatherford withered under, the perimeter plays and screens...they all evaporated as they almost gave the game away.

Mike Leach's Pirate School: in session. Peeking over shoulders at a bar pregame in Clemson, we saw joy as a team with wide o-line splits, a zillion receivers in each pattern, and a seemingly dour coach flipped the ball around for a 49-9 breeze against the purgatorial SMU Mustangs. At one point in the third, the play selection was 45 passes to 7 runs. Yarr.

Gimme mah foldin' charr! Tommy West has to apologize for mouthing off to fans following Memphis' loss to Ole Miss this weekend. Well, actually, if you read the article, he doesn't apologize at all. A bit. Tommy's known for his candor, which you can see on display in this NASCAR-worthy midfield tussle with ever-classay Jackie Sherrill.

Lloyd Carr: Do-over! Lloyd Carr wants a do-over. MGoBlog is on board with letting tears make the sad come out. Georgia fans practice some form tackling of the mass satirical variety working with college fans' favorite medium: body paint. Urban Meyer had a teeny bit of something to do with the upset, and reader Brian, who is hung like Reggie F'n Nelson, sends us kitten nightmares to behold:

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