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Thank goodness for those agents we keep hearing about--they nabbed Emmanuel Moody, a former USC running back, and got him to sign with Florida after Moody left the cluttered USC backfield for the Gators, who've lacked a feature running back since the Ciatrick Fason era. Dastardly agents say what!

Moody, according to Joe Schad, "followed his heart" to Florida. This is the correct organ, since following his head would have taken him elsewhere in what he called a "business decision." Florida's running backs in the Urban Meyer era have averaged 18.3 carries a game, well below the the 23 carries a game or so that a Penn State running back would get in an average season.

Given that, though, the decline was less one of overall strategy and more a matter of Meyer's lasting disgust with his running back corps. Meyer's Utah teams got their backs an average of 22.8 carries a game in the 2004 season albeit in a platoon situation.) If Moody can avoid an instant trip to the Deshawn Wynn Memorial Doghouse for the Snack-fond and Surly, he might be able to get first feasting at the running back spot for Florida once he's eligible in 2008.