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Urban Meyer might give us an interview. All we'd have to do is hit a field goal from 52 yards on command. He gave kicker Joey Ijjas a scholarship for doing just this in practice this week--fifteen minutes of a blogger pestering you with questions pales in comparison to the sticker price and non-monetary benefits of being a scholarship athlete at a D-1 university.

Meyer turned the offer into a wager with surprising, un-Meyeresque flair:

Urban Meyer slammed his hat to the turf, looked at senior kicker Joey Ijjas and yelled, "Free ride."
Suddenly, Ijjas found himself starring down the biggest kick of his life during Wednesday's football practice " a 52-yard field goal attempt with a full scholarship to the University of Florida on the line.
Should he make it, Ijjas would fulfill a dream. Miss it, and who knows?

Ijjas made the kick. He's on full scholarship now after making going 6-6 in practice Wednesday. Florida fans unaccustomed to having a kicker should note: he's a slightish fellow who makes field goals, occasionally throws a pass or two, and can completely annihilate your season with a single miss. Love him at your own risk, even if he's the first one you've had since Chris Hetland caught schizophrenia of the foot exactly a year ago.

We'll be warming up our leg in the meantime. That interview's gonna be awesome.

(P.S. Our unathletic selves have hit a 20 yarder on a dare, but missed from 25. This needs to be some kind of EDSBS contest held at a tailgate this year, of course. No Tony Brackens moments, though, please--we have a mouth to feed.)