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From Venezuela, we cull the finest of cheesecake not yet nationalized by Hugo Chavez as part of the state. We had to hurry, though--Gaby Espino is a definite natural resource of the country, and will surely be nationalized soon as a "beer-toting, bunda-tastic national treasure the people must share and share equally."

For now, though, we share her with the Republic of EDSBS alone. Enjoy.

That's just a warm-up. If you do not think beer goes with cheesecake, you are horribly, horribly wrong. Check after the jump for proof.

It seems ill-advised to get on a bus looking like that with a bunch of drunk, sweaty men, doesn't it? (HT: Kanu, who saved Friday Cheesecake singlehandedly. We recommend you all purchase alcohol for him now.)