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Matthew Stafford: Shit! Look at that shit, Mo.

Mohammed Massaquoi: Fucking shit.

Matthew Stafford: Holy. Shit.

Mo Massaquoi: Holy. Shit.

Stafford: (downs sandwich) That's our fucking coach levitating.

Mo: Upside-fuckin-down, man. He's levitating upside-fuckin'-down.

Stafford: Like he's Neo, dude. Fuckin' A.

Mo: He's the chosen one. He can read the Matrix. Fuck.

Stafford: He just fucking walked right off the board and--BOOM!--he's just fucking floating there.

Mo: Holy smoking donkey dick, he's still up there.

Stafford: Just fucking sitting there. Wherever I go, it's like his eyes are followin' me.

Mo: He's gonna do that 'till I stop dropping balls, right?

Stafford: I need a beer. Like, right damn now.

Mo: He heard that. He knew you were gonna say that before you even said it.

Stafford: Holy shit, he did, didn't he? Holy fucking shit.

Mo: How long's he gonna be up there?

Stafford: 'Til we get an offensive line, he says.

Mo: He's gonna be up there a while, then, motherfucker.

Stafford: Fuckin' A, man.

Mo: (shakes head) Fuckin' A.

(Photo of Mark Richt doing a backflip off the high dive at UGA via Sports By Brooks. And that really is Mark Richt, who can also levitate upside down, we're sure.)