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Our belated daily affirmation will be our last post for this week, which has been a very, very fun one. Bid adieu to the twenties, since as of next week, we're into teens--just like half of our filthy, depraved readership (male and female, of course.)

On that note, we give you the lewd and lascivious reminder that with the return of Luther Campbell and the phrase "butt buddies" working itself into their coaches' lexicon, Da U looks primed for a return to being Da U. To celebrate, we remind you that if they do return to the days of five-minute choreographed touchdown dances, then we're all getting a ride on the trunk from the 7th Floor Crew. On the trunk? On the trunk.

Play the song to get you in the mood.

(HT: Anonymous brillant poster who wouldn't want us to use his name--Beano.

MP3 File

Enjoy your weekend. We have an appointment with some green drank to keep.