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We been done seen 'bout everythang now! Four Florida State recruits booted from Disney World's Downtown Disney in Orlando claim the park is guilty of racial profiling after they were asked to leave for "loitering" there last weekend.

Disney boots FSU recruits for being tall, black, and stationary.

The recruits were at the park as part of a "bonding" weekend for five high schoolers who have already given oral commitments to the Seminoles when four of them were followed for "an hour and a half to two hours" and then asked to leave the park. The four refused, and were then allegedly fingerprinted by Disney cops (do they wear Mickey gloves?), photographed, and then banned for life from ever returning to the Disney World Property.

The four got the boot thanks to Disney's loitering policy,

which the Orlando Sentinel reports has been used in 46 cases to ban patrons for life. Of those 46, 45 were Black or Hispanic, but that shouldn't surprise you since white people don't loiter. Haven't you ever seen one of us? We be walking around with our butt all tight up in our ass and shit, uptight like we got somethin' to do, talkin' like "Noh noh nyoh noh nyoh." Shit, y'all know what I'm talkin' 'bout! And have you ever dated a lady with a dirty booty? Like someone who hasn't washed they ass? HAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhh (Cue to cut to shot of overweight woman in audience, laughing like she's being tasered by Bernie Mac.)

Def Comedy Jam interlude concluded, Disney police kicking out black kids for being black should ask whether any of them have civil rights lawyers for parents--because one did, and they're demanding an apology.

"And how can you trespass someone in Downtown Disney for walking around? I've been there before, and that's why it's there."

Another parent was a Disney employee. The four admitted to making "smart remarks" but were by all other accounts not specifically rude or threatening, even when they tried to sneak into Pleasure Island, Disney's adult district and home of Club Dickey-Mickey, Disney's Euro-style Sex Club. If there's ever a suit filed over this whole business, this must constitute the central point of how harmless these four high-schoolers were: they believed they could have sneaky fun at Pleasure Island. No one's had fun at Pleasure Island since Bobby Brown got hammered and pissed in the back of a squad car on the way out of Pleasure Island.

We'd suggest that part two of their case against Disney be this clip from Dumbo:

And not a single Bowden plantation joke in the whole post...we been done seen bout everything!