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What: EDSBS LIVE online radio.

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Why listen? Because we're talking about the Big East, indicating a high probability of West Fuckin' Virginia references in the broadcast. WE DRINK DA BEAST AND FUCK FAT BITCHES IN HAYSTACKS--at least tonight, we do.

Where: At NowLive, where you can chat with each other and the show hosts throughout the broadcast in the online forum (now with added bacon pants). To phone in to the show, just call (310) 984-7600.

Who: Mike from Card Chronicle, and Greg Auman, USF beat writer for the tenacious St. Petersburg Times.

Our four questions... As always, the format for short attention spans for the show, this time focusing on the underrated, which the Big East traditionally has been since time immemorial.

1. Most undervalued team, 2007? BYU. The tradition of making math difficult for the scoreboard operators in the Mountain West continues, but BYU put the irons to Oregon last year in the Las Vegas Bowl as much with their defense as they did with John Beck's tasteful, politely accurate Mormon passing.

Over on this side of the continental about Arkansas? Same rushing offense from last year and one more year of experience for Casey Dick to bring him just a hair closer to competent ain't bad. And their schedule is easier this year than it was last year.

2. Give us one underrated coach and one underrated announcer

Brian Kelly, wacky man that he is, coach of Cincinnati, who put Central Michigan into a bowl game. Again: Brian Kelly, the man who put Central Michigan into a bowl game. Salute, you cretins. Honorable mention: Rich Brooks, the coach so old and salty we got scurvy just typing this.

Underrated announcer: Bill Curry. He's got a batter-fried voice and makes simple, clear observations about what one team is doing on the field against another. Novel concept, especially from the network that brings you FORCED CONFLICT BETWEEN TWO YELLING INTERLOCUTORS every ten minutes.

3. Advice that you've been given that you undervalued and wish you hadn't.

"You should think about taking business classes, or at least something to back up that English degree." Oh, tales of woe, you all begin with one simple declaration: "Major, English."

4. Tell us an undervalued sexual asset (e.g. hand strength, ownership of a quality bed).

Going with strength here. You may like your weakling anime fantasies, but we want some pushin' back, dammit. It takes two to make a rodeo.

Join us tonight--or we'll send one-eyed Gators after you.