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3.5 million dollars this year, 3.75 million dollars in '08, and...well, we won't stretch Saban much past the two year window yet. That's asking a lot of a coach who's, you know, still exploring other options, checking the scene, thinking about getting his MBA, seeing other women, you know...keeping his future flexible, man.

Thought about taking the State Department exam, but doesn't have time for that shit.

Those are the salary numbers for Nick Saban's contact, newly finalized as of today. The contract was stripped of much of the extraneous endorsement and personal appearance requirements many coaches have built into their contracts, including the "unlimited" obligations listed in his predecessor Mike Shula's contract.

By contrast, Saban need only appear once a week on the radio during the season, twice during spring practice and once close to the national signing day for high school recruits.

For television programs, Saban is bound to appear once a week during the season, once after the season and once after a bowl game.

The rest of the time he may sit in his undisclosed location, watching film in the dark, sucking the hearts straight from the chest of screaming iguanas, and scanning the want ads dutifully. This is likely a positive development for Alabama fans. Shula's performances in press conferences were...well, just watch the clip to see all you need to know.