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Press play on this and read. It's much funnier that way.

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Steve Spurrier ruffled feathers when he condemned South Carolina's practice of flying the Confederate flag over the state capital this weekend. Now another SEC coach entered the fray regarding state capitals as Phil Fulmer attacked Tennessee's tolerance of rappers MJG and 8 Ball staying high over the state capital in Nashville.

"It's disgraceful that we allow two young men to deface the seat of power in our state," said Fulmer in an interview Sunday afternoon. "It hurts us as a state. It hurts our recruiting. It makes us look like we endorse drug use, something champions and winners simply don't do."

"Again: it's a plain disgrace to the Volunteer State."

When reached for comment, 8 Ball and MJG vehemently disagreed.

Staying high: 8 Ball and MJG in their customary spot four hundred and fifty feet above the Tennessee capital.

"What coach Fulmer doesn't understand is that what we do isn't voluntary at all: we, by definition, must stay high-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh. Indeed, we plan to do so until we die-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie. It's less of a choice than a mission. We drink a whole lot of Hennessy; we must represent this Tennessee," said MJG from his Memphis home on Monday.

Rapper and collaborator 8 Ball agreed.

"Coach Fulmer's got an impressive body of work, but he doesn't understand why we do what we do," said 8 Ball. "I'd like to reach out to him and say that when we're so high we're actually floating above the state capital for days at a time, that we're not disgracing the Volunteer state. Far from it, actually. We're glorifying its name and symbols by doing what we do in its presence; that is, staying as high as a motherfucker possibly can."

8 Ball took a long pull on a baseball bat-sized joint, then thought for a moment. "And no one, n***a, gets higher than 8 Ball and MJG."

Tennessee Urban Studies professor Kyle Williams believes the dispute represents a cultural debate that needs airing in the increasingly diverse state.

"What we have here is a clear collision between divergent understandings of the use of ritual and rite in the public space. For Coach Fulmer and many others, the dignity and solemnity of the state capital reflects a pre-Enlightenment belief in the power of the structure itself to represent the power of the state itself, an imprimatur of collective power demeaned by anything less than reverence."

"For 8 Ball and MJG, however, they express their pride by smoking weed, getting high, and floating around the symbol of the state pointing at it without smiling."

Williams believe both are expressing their pride in their home state, but merely disagreeing on the "vocabulary of celebration."

Coach Fulmer had no further commentary as of Tuesday morning. For 8 Ball, however, the fight has only begun.

"This ain't just about Memphis versus Knoxville or whatever. It's about freedom. Smoke all night. Sleep all day. That is, to me, the American way. Coach Fulmer cannot keep us from rolling that shit. He cannot keep us from lighting that shit. He most certainly cannot keep us from hitting that shit, and he sure as hell won't keep me from holding it and passing it to my n***a MJG or my good friends, the Oscar-winning 3 6 Mafia."