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While punters continue to hunt the most dangerous game of all--man--we present our Friday cheesecake for the people. All images come courtesy of Univision, who provides us with the official Ladies of EDSBS, the women of Republica Deportiva.

Picture one provides indisputable proof that it's bueno to be Fernando, and also that Univision has not given up on its policy of maintaining a mathematically inverse relationship between the attractiveness of the women depicted and the men they toy with on screen.

Fernando, you debonair bastard, you.

Picture two is more traditional cheesecake. Imagine Fernando screaming "AYYY QUE LINDAAAAAHHHHH!!!" because that is precisely what he would do if narrating this post. And yes, you'll have to click the jump which we know you will, you sad, sad person you.

We hope this makes up for Subcommandante Wayne. De nada.