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In case you missed it, Ian--formerly of Sexy Results! and the funniest Wahoo-lovin', Pitchfork-lovin'-but-somehow-not-pretentious blogger out there--has been doing hisself proud over on the Fanhouse. We're particularly impressed at his coverage of the Al Groh Body Count. Ian makes the compelling case that while winning a game against Al Groh may not benefit your career, losing a game would kill its ass dead in 2006.

In an only slightly related note, we remind you that Al Groh's favorite band is Foreigner, according to Kirk Herbstreit during a broadcast of the UVA/UNC game this year. That anyone ever bought a Foreigner album is funny; that four million droning souls forked out ducats for their debut--cleverly titled Foreigner--is beyond laughter, and proof that a zombie invasion of the United States might not be detectable even if it happened.

Anyway, imagining Al Groh rocking out to Foreigner should keep you warm and snug in the wintry cold for the rest of the day. Especially if you picture him fist pumping and falsetto-in along with "URGENT...urgenturgenturgent....E--merrrgenceeeee"

Bonus question: what senator wrote the "Saxophone Extermination Act" of 1990? At one point, the saxophone didn't raise eyebrows as a standard piece of a rock/pop band. Now it would merit as much special mention as including an accordion player, or fielding a crack glockenspiel player as part of your lineup. Not that we miss it; we're still mourning the loss of the Burt Bacharach trumpet solo as an acceptable musical interlude.