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WOO! Spurrier! WOO! Ric Flair! WOO! Listen up people, and listen good: Spurrier was ringside with Ric WOO! Flair at an ECW event WOO! and thoroughly endorsed the WOO! action by saying it was WOO!


WOO! Lukewarm endorsement! WOO!

Spurrier WOO! didn't miss the opportunity to get his WOO! Queen Bitch on, though.

"He WOO! used to be married to a girl who was WOO! a big Gator fan," Spurrier said. "So they WOO! would come to the Florida-Georgia game every WOO! year. Bill Goldberg was the Georgia WOO! Bulldog wrestler, so whoever won got the bragging rights. Obviously, Flair WOO! got most of the bragging rights in that series."


(The preceding article was brought to you by the Ric Flair Speech generator, which after five minutes is about as funny as the "shizzle-speak" bit you got forwarded to you a thousand times in 2000. Which means WOO! not.)

President Flair has an announcement: "WOO!"