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Florida State's well-chronicled descent into mediocrity--now suddenly a fact, judging from the connections between their win-loss record, coaching staff management, and other terms of reality that journalistas are making--gets the proper treatment from The Itch, who comes up with the best analogy for Florida State's sideline we've seen: Lord of the Flies.

Because of our obvious biases, we have little problem dispensing with respect and diving straight for the accusation of vile nepotism. Sure, watching Lorenzo Booker, he of the Tom Lemming breakup and downright azure blue-chip status at one point, running full speed into unblocked oncoming d-tackles might have done it; or perhaps watching the formerly lethal hornets of the Florida State wide receiving corps flail in a scheme only utilizing the jumpball as a deep pass. Those and losses to former ACC bottom feeders all might be nice clues, too.

Sometimes even the most hatetastic of haters is right.

Seeing your own deeply held and seemingly irrational personal biases intersect with reality...ah, that's something rare indeed that only sports can really bring to you for free.

Sure, we hate them--oh, how we hate them--but vile nepotism seems to finally be sinking in as the root cause of Florida State's problems, and not just from people who can't possibly give a rational take on the subject (namely us.)

From Chris Rix's interview with Dennis Dodd:

Q: Offensive production has gone down every year since 2001. How do you account for that?

A: Even though Drew and I both started as redshirt freshmen, I think Drew is a smarter quarterback than I was. I think he's more mature. I think he prepares more than I probably did. I'm secure enough to admit that now.

Drew Weatherford is not the problem with this offense ... You've got to look behind the scenes why the numbers are down. That's not calling anyone out. That's looking at the facts, that's looking at the numbers. Numbers don't lie. ...

The numbers are down. Florida State expectations are just too high for people to put up with that. You're hearing people that are fed up with it. You're hearing boosters who expect better.

It's frustrating when you see other teams with less talent exceeding our production.

Dodd doesn't mention that Rix held up an index card with the words "Jeff Bowden" on it every time he said words like "frustrating" and "behind the scenes."

Sure, Chris Rix has an axe to grind. Like, say, what he perceives as the complete ruinination of any prospects of a pro career by mentors who couldn't call a decent game of Madden. At his point, though, he's less disgruntled former qb than a walking cautionary tale with hair gel. Drew Weatherford will be next at this rate, though we have no idea how CSTV will employ both of them.

BTW, examine this password combo from BugMeNot for the annoying login for the Tallahassee Democrat. Old memories die hard: (HT: RL.)