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Sonny Perdue, who just happens to be in the middle of a re-election campaign, wrote into the AJC to protest the coverage of Georgia's defeat by Tennessee in Athens. Totally on his own. With no other motivations other than a lifetime of Georgia fandom. Yes.

An excerpt:

I finally figured out why your readers no longer have confidence in your opinion.

Sunday's sports page headline ("Dogs get put in their place," referring to Georgia's 51-33 loss to Tennessee, College Football, Oct. 8) is an indication of the way The Atlanta Journal-Constitution views Georgia. From the front page to the business page and now to the sports page, it is as if the AJC gleefully awaits lousy news about all things Georgia and pounces with their poison pens whenever bad things happen to the good people of our state.

Other cities celebrate the successes and mourn the losses of local businesses, individuals and sports teams. The AJC takes the opposite position and — instead of boosterism — criticizes, investigates and ridicules all things Georgia.

The AJC, not UGA, is the real loser.

The Bulldogs, for the record, lost the game by 18 points and allowed fifty points for the second time in its history at home. Damned liberal media...

He likes giblet gravy. You can tell just by looking at him.