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We think Pat Forde's a reader of this blog, since he's made several references in his column that sound like subtle tips of the cap to ours. We would like to take his latest installment of the Forde Yard Dash to issue the latest EDSBS Policy Statement: Pat Forde is officially on our side thanks to his choice of curvy women as "Dashettes," particularly since he likes 'em Univision style (e.g., this week's pick of Mayra Veronica being a prime example.)

Don Francisco ain't no dumbass.

To completely cover our asses here, we must make this policy statement as well: no one is more beautiful to the staffers of EDSBS than our own beloved wives. No one. But given the full time demands of the job of being Mmes. Swindle and Montana, we need to recruit a dedicated pigskin pinup for the blog, since being the official EDSBS Cheesecake Girl takes dedication, time, and most importantly a sea of easily hotlinked and googled images that come dangerously close to nudity without actually crossing the line. (No pink parts or femme-fur; them's the rules.) Do you know how much time TCOAN spnds listening to us sing "The Orgeron Song" around the house? The woman is an overtaxed saint, and doesn't need another responsibility. Ditto for Mme. Montana.

Last year Ki Toy Johnson, the woman from every Outkast video, was our semi-official pinup. But given the strain of the position, we feel it's only fair to accept new nominees. Submit your ideas below. The criteria for what the EDSBS Pigskin Pinup are:

1. Must be curvy. This is subjective as always, but generally speaking, the further she is from Jenn Sterger, the better. This means the woman eats three meals a day, and does not suffer from obvious malnutrition or cricket wicket syndrome.

2. Must be plausibly intelligent, or at least not demonstrably stupid.

3. Must have style, even of the quirky variety.

4. Cannot be Kristin Davis, since T. Kyle's got her on lockdown. (Being a lawyer, he knows the hundred foot restraining order is null and void at one hundred and one feet.)

Submit your nominations below.