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Did anoyone else catch the sideline celebrity appearance of the year in the late innings of the Virginia/Georgia Tech game? As if Tech didn't already have enough evolutionary dead-end, oddball frills in their university mythology, here's one more: the sideline celebrity appearance for Tech last night was Andre 3000, who made things even weirder by appearing to be normal, coherent, and not wearing moon pants or a Confederate soldier's uniform. He even appeared to have a crew, which just seems to happen if you make over 100K as a rapper in Atlanta. (There's got to be a mathematical formula for this kind of thing: net income/gangsta credit rating X current position of charted album= posse size, or something like that.)

Was just as astonished at Calvin Johnson's performance as we were.

One other note from last night's broadcast: the Davis/May/Holtz combo, as odious as two of its pieces might be on an individual basis...we can't believe we're going to type this...are actually getting pretty good at what they do. Lisp aside, ESPN's got Holtz doing what he does best, which is bullshitting affably in between pounding the table furiously and brushing May's points aside with coaching blandishments. May, too, gets a role he's comfortable in, tossing out stats like a rapid-fire Vulcan stat wonk and challenging Lou to present a single logical reason why he thinks anything he does, a challenge Lou usually answers by showing his old coot card, laughing, and dodging the question. Davis just bobs along in the middle like a good therapist, prompting here, pausing there, making sure everything congeals nicely.

ESPN may have produced sausage out of unsightly ingredients, and tasty tubemeat at that.