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Rusty and Joel put up with a very caffeineated us on the Mostly ITP Podcast discussing anything and everything about the SEC East. Along the way we manage to make the following errors:

--Assuming Randy Sanders was the OC at Kentucky. (Joker Phillips still has play-calling, Sanders is only allowed near the quarterbacks. And he can't do any harm there, right?)

--Forgetting all the running backs names at Georgia except for Thomas Brown.

--Forgetting all the running backs' names at South Carolina.

--Mentioning "Jenkins" when we should really just let that die, right?

It was all tremendous fun, though one thing should be mentioned: you must see the fainting goats to get Joel's best gag about Erik Ainge's performance in 2005. It's an uncanny resemblance.

Erik Ainge: recovering from '05.

Joel, by the way, has moved to Rocky Top Talk, which is like a pimped-out version of his old site complete with play clock to kickoff and new shiny graphics.