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Lee Smith, the former Tennessee recruit accused of DUI and having sex with his high school assistant principal in the span of just a few months (we don't want to give you the idea that he did those simultaneously, since we'd have to rename the blog "") will be transferring to Marshall. This doesn't confirm anyone's pre-existing stereotypes about Marshall in the least.

Marshall also had a player arrest over the past weekend, meaning you've got Geremy Rodemer putting Marshall within one point of Purdue's seemingly unassailable lead in the team Fulmer Cup competition. (Ellis T. Jones, he of the one-man tasering and armed robbery ring, leads all competitors by himself with 34 points.) The charge was allegedly "loitering," but any subsequent charges will take this into a tie or perhaps a clean lead for the Thundering Herd.

Marshall: clogging their way to greatness in the Fulmer Cup one misdemeanor at a time.