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The soundtrack obeys the universal rule of all highlight reels--nu metal rulz!--but if you turn the reprehensible soundtrack off, it's as fine a '90s retrospective as you'll find on YouTube for Florida. It's got everything: Curl 'n Go, Doering's Got a Touchdown, Ike Hilliard's Brake and Fake, and of course, Lawrence Wright turning Joey Kent into applesauce in 1995.

But we got a little misty when we saw Ben Hanks hooting on top of the pile pregame. We miss the skull and crossbones bandana more than we knew.

Click here to watch the video, since the formatting does something odd to our formatting in Firefox.
*** Stranko's 2 Cents: That may be the best thing I've seen in my life! The tradition of Wake Forest my ass. We may not have been the best team of the 90s, but damn it we were probably the most fun to watch.

Damn right we're living in the past. With 18 days to go, it's all we can do.