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In case you missed it, Sylvester Croom dressed out and knocked heads on the line this week at Mississippi State. In uniform. On the field. With his team.

It's difficult to discern whether this represents the action of a desperate man somehow seeking to seize the attention of kids who've done some serious, double-stank losing over the past two years...or just a guy having fun in practice. Or whether Croom's traumatic two years in Starkville--the town you can't spell without the word "stark"--have snapped him into quasi-psychotic state where he's convinced that not only does he have eligibility left, but is in fact 23 years old and ready to go. They're all possibilities, really.

Why he's going to all this trouble when he could just destroy opponents with his voice is beyond us. That thing would rattle the bolts out of the USS New Jersey.

Sometimes hums just to fuck with the seismology LSU.