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Parishioners of the rush-hour fifteen minute express mass, we bring you good tidings!

Freshman are reporting. Schedules have been made. Gatorade jugs have been a-filled. The signs of a seasonal shift are all around us; we need only open our eyes or Rivals/Scout accounts to see them. This is not prophecy or false hope--it is tangible, and like the greatest blessings of hope, can blossom into the full fruit of your wildest expectations.

This day of Football Advent, celebrate exactly that on our Advent calendar, one of the Lord's grandest gifts: hope. Hope for the unexpected:

Hope for the flawless:

Hope for fortuitous timing:

And hope against hope for lunatic, improbable, and irrational joy:

Rejoice! Hope is real, and its advance guard is marching. Mass has ended. Go, be at peace.