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Thanks to the boys from BlueFlake Coffee Importers for, coffee. We were feeling a bit pooped there but woooo try and stop us now!!! May we have a tissue here, please? Remember, for all your Miami coffee needs, call BlueFlake. Payment accepted in cash and firearms only.

The EDSBS telethon, entering its final day of action, has seen some spectacular donations on the part of our viewership. Our lowball goal was $1300 dollars, just enough to cover the expense of a dedicated server for the year. We're being pulled off the ceiling now as we report that we're up to $1462 in donations, including a sizeable chunk from Notre Dame fans who are displaying their taste for lowbrow humor as well as their impressive purchasing power. Despite this we vow to maintain our freewheeling editorial independence, since presumably that's what they're paying for here.

Oh so sexy, perfect for me...did we mention Charlie Weis is the smartest football coach alive? And that Notre Dame girls are hot? And that yes, you can see that in South Bend?

So don't expect us to take it easy on you, Irish!

Man, that's pretty. Have we ever mentioned how pretty that is?

In addition to the server money, one eccentric wealthy donor has agreed to purchase a video camera for us so that we can take our own tailgate glory videos and engage in some hopefully entertaining amateur anthropology and one man commentaries on the season. We plan to do this just to prove that we have a face made for the internet.

We'll shill for one more day and call it a done deal, but having cruised into the "Purchasing Photoshop and Beer" portion of the accounting we simply want to urge those who haven't contributed to toss in a buck or two, and to thank those who donated so generously to our cause. If you wondered what the money's getting you, let us just remind you below

One dedicated server: 1300 dollars.

Two bloggers shaving valuble work time off to post like fiends for the season: Thousands of dollars in lost man-hours.

The happiness we feel when we find something like this:


Thanks again to all, and we'll give you the totals tomorrow.