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Avery Atkins: felony imprisonment, misdemeanor domestic battery, and a big ol' turd dropped right in the middle of a pretty clean offseason. If true he's a batterer and complete dumbass. If partially true, he's still a total dumbass. (HT: Corey) It's still up for grabs, though, in terms of exactly what's going on in Atkins' evidently corrosive relationship with his wife:

Al Tolley, public information officer with the Daytona Beach police, said this morning that no arrests have been made in the case, which remains open.

"This is not a clear cut domestic violence case," he said. "There's been a recommendation that this is a continued investigation and (the police) sit down with both people again."

RTWT for more nuance, but Avery and Mrs. Atkins have settled things with one form of mutually exchanged violence on at least two occasions, according to the article. Points to the message boards, who were all over this days ago in unspecific but in retrospect accurate terms. "He's good as gone" was the mantra we saw associated with his name. If any of this is true, he's in the bin with Taurean Green Charles and other felonious, wasted Gator players. Oh, and since it's on the books as a case we're forced to award points to our own dear University of Florida in the Fulmer Cup, who earn a four point award broken down thusly:

1 point--misdemeanor domestic battery
2 points--felony imprisonment
1 point--earning points for UF.

The only possible upside of this comes in the positive light it casts on Kenneth Tookes, who merely discharged an AR-15 in public. In comparison, what Atkins is accused of makes Tookes look like the poor victim of a bb gun design flaw.

P.S. Did we mention Mrs. Atkins was pregnant? Add a point for five FC total. It's our party and we'll add extra vengeance points if we want to.

Fuck fuck fuck. Fuck. Fuck.