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Frank Solich may have indeed been hit with GHB prior to his arrest for drunk driving last November--either that or the prospect of a D-1 coach getting slipped a mickey at a bar is just proving too good a story for facts and evidence to kill. (Multiple HTs here: Kyle, Tim in Tampa, Devil Grad.)

Someone break out their Bill Nye hat for us and please explain this, though: what does this have to do with your BAC? GHB may have made Solich a much sloppier drunk in terms of behavior, but it certainly wouldn't have anything to do with the total amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. If Solich does intend to use this to exonerate, or at the least mitigate his being shitfaced punk in drublic, it still doesn't amount to anything like a coherent defense. What he's saying is this: Yes, I consumed numerous shots of liquor and drank margaritas at the bar, but it was the GHB that interfered with my normally unstoppable ability to operate a motor vehicle while grievously drunk.

Someone who didn't spend all of high school chemistry staring at ass and diagramming the 3-3-5 please clarify this if we're wrong.

Solich: it wasn't the margaritas and the shots, it was the GHB, officer.