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First, let's thank Stranko for keeping the wire warm this week while we were gallivanting around New York City with gay lawyers and noted metrosexuals. Spelling aside, he did a fine job in our absence. Bravo, sir: a round of Frescas all around for you and your crue.

Second, let's apologize for being completely out of the loop this week. Work distracted us from 9-5 and New York did the rest from 6 'till whenever it was we dragged our tipsy ass back to the hotel (though not before putting our precious lives in the hands of several laconic Pakistani cab drivers bump-drafting each other through Midtown.) Despite suffering from blog withdrawal, it was a lovely experience that has rendered us semi-retarded for the next week of recovery. (Which, in some of your estimates, would mark an improvement over our normal standards. Point taken.)

Third, we will be hitting the road tomorrow for the trek down to Gainesville and an afternoon of practice prior to the Florida spring game on Saturday, a.k.a. The Orange and Blue Game. Some of you may be going, so please, step right up to the man in the EDSBS shirt standing outside the stadium, since we will be interviewing football fans in a bit of amateur anthropology, asking about your worst moment as a fan, the biggest lies you've told to clear your schedule for sports, and other pressing questions about life, the meaning thereof, and the really interesting thing, football. You will be compensated with unending fame and possibly a doughnut for your contribution to our neverending focus group on fan obsession.

Borrowing an ancient Pict battle tactic, Gator fans have been known to wear only blue body paint to games---thus the cropping.