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The All-Name Team is brewing--really, we have to wait for Phil Steele to drop his masterpiece on the world in June before we can get into the research in earnest--but an early starter must be I-Perfection Harris, late of Georgia Tech.

He's intrigue. He's romance. He's abstract ideas in a braided, majoring-in-management concrete form. His name could mean so many different things it's silly, but just to propose a few:

Simple declarative: As in, "I-Perfection, You-notsomuch. "

Bizarre religious affirmation. His name really wouldn't seem out of place on the back of a Dr. Bronner's soap bottle or in the lines of an abstruse Five Percent Nation tract: And then BEHOLD walking the Earth and ALL ITS DOMAINS came the icon of icons the KING of all KINGS I-PERFECTION whose name shall be I-PERFECTION which shall be hollowed all the world 'round as the PROPHET WITHOUT PEER now buy my soap/incense/holy cleaning solution...

Extended French transliteration. Like hyperpuissant or hypermarche, the addition of "hyper" to perfection pronounced in French. "Not just a name, honey, but a concept : not just perfection, but 'Hyper-perfection!' Or even, 'I-Perfection' to add some zazz to it. Either that or we name him after my cousing Athol, Uncle Dick, or my great-grandfather Rectum. Your choice."

EXCITING BONUS I-TIDBIT: His brother? I-Supreme.

I-Perfection: prophet of all prophets.