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The unconnected dreg links that bear mentioning, but can't really stand on their own, from around the ADD-friendly 'burbs of the internet:

--Tommy West gets a contract extension at Memphis through 2010. The vote is really a reflection of Memphis' continued success under West and and an endorsement of Memphis' fine local cardiac surgeons, who performed a triple bypass on West on February 3rd. Taking Memphis' status as barbecue capital of the free world and a rival of New Orleans on the fat/inactive/hopelessly muggy axis, we'd suggest that all future contracts come with instant tie-ins to surgical centers. (Tommy West's bypass, brought to you by Baptist Memorial Hospital and Corky's BBQ!) Good news for one of college football's best accents.

--The Aggies defense needs some toilet paper 'cuz their lyrics is butt. Switching to the 4-2-5 amounted to little in the Aggies Maroon and White game last Saturday, with the Aggies handing out yards like condoms at the free clinic. Notice we resort to simile rather than giving you a number, since the Franchione camp at Aggiesports doesn't give you the damning numbers to gawk at, but six touchdowns doesn't inspire the kind of confidence Aggie fans thought they would have in Coach Hedley in year four. Other teams might be downgrading A&M, too: Michigan State and Air Force just backed out of games with the Aggies, and we can't imagine it's out of intimidation.

Go do that voodoo, Hedley. Voodoo= 5-6.

--Urban still hates his running backs and wants them to die, die, die. The good news is that DeShawn Wynn has been taking it easy on the Funyuns and is having the best camp of his erratic career at Florida. Florida will also be lining up in the Maryland stack I in goal-line situations, which will likely free up Jemalle Cornelius and Tate Casey for some spectacularly open play-action opportunities in the back of the endzone. (See? Florida psychology for you: we're thrilled about the run because it means we get passing tds yum yum yum.)

--Florida will also be getting retro with their unis for the Alabama game in celebration of 100 years of Florida football. Let's hope they don't go with this config:

Reggie Nelson wouldn't mind.

--Finally, Sunday Morning Quarterback has been doing stellar work with his Absurdly Premature Previews. RHNOWHYDDAMIWJS.