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Laura Quinn will now be projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft, according to draft expert Mel Kiper following the announcement of her engagement to former Buckeyes linebacker and draft prospect A.J. Hawk.

"She's got exceptional size, the large features you need for prominent and repeated closeups on television, and the name recognition that comes with an association with one of America's biggest fanbases. She's a blue-chipper from day one if you ask me," said Kiper from his offices in Bristol, Connecticut on Monday. "She'll be the most visible spouse of an NFL player since Brenda Warner."

NFL Draft gold: Laura Quinn, first-rounder.

Hawk and Quinn have been dating for an undetermined period of time, but their relationship came to light shortly before last year's Fiesta Bowl matchup with Notre Dame. After marrying, Laura Quinn-Hawk plans on enjoying the fruits of her multimillion dollar contract, especially the lucrative signing bonus that has become de rigeur for NFL rookies.

"Yeah, the money's nice, especially since it's the only guaranteed money I'll see," said Quinn from her home on Tuesday morning. "You just gotta treat every dollar like it was fifty cents and leave the thinking to the money men."

Quinn has made one indulgence, however: a brand new Cadillac Escalade purchased from a Columbus dealership. "We got a great deal on it, but I'm not telling any secrets!" Quinn said, giggling over the line.

A.J. Hawk, who will receive half of Laura's contract and is scheduled to be Quinn's vehicle for fame and the inevitable guest host spot opposite Regis Philbin on Regis and Kelly, had no comment, according to Quinn.

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Hawk: no comment, but will have the roast duck w/mango salsa, please.