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Sadly, both FSU and Tennessee's spring practice games did not end by meteor strike, mass smiting, or other program-destroying calamity.

In Tennessee's case, the rebuilding of Erik Ainge's destroyed psyche has moved along nicely thanks to some undoubtedly sound coaching by new/old/retro OC David Cutcliffe and the benefits of a completely subdued, blitz-free defense. Ainge may have been pitching into a hamstrung defense, but going 14-22 for 210 and 2 TDs without throwing a pick, fumbling, or laying down and weeping on the turf as he did frequently last season in any situation spells good news for the battle-scarred junior. The Orange got their ass handed to them by the White, 34-7, by the way, if that means anything.

Florida State's spring game, despite tinkering with a points system to cover up Jeff Bowden's unearthly suck as an offensive coordinator reward the defense for making plays, showed off Jeff Bowden's unearthly suck as an offensive coordinator. Or showed off Mickey Andrew's annual collection of ball-hawking GED psychocadets--we can't really decide which one. The big news came when Myron Rolle, the man so concerned with his academic future that he decided to attend Florida State, stepped in front of a pass for a 67 yard INT return for a TD that had bystanders screaming OMG WTF. Bowden's comments: [gurgle] applesauce...Matlock....[mumbles incoherently]

Bowden watched practice "enthusiastically" and even "commented" according to FSU spokespersons.