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The Republic of Kyrgyzstan, College Football division--a.k.a. Georgia Tech--loses Joe Gaston to injury for the year. The AJC line on this looks something like this:

GT secondary-senior DB/graduation losses= Not good.

Notre Dame could feel free to equate "not good" with "400 yard day for Brady Quinn" here, and we couldn't blame them on the face of it: Weis vs. Gailey's like pitting Murray Gell-Mann versus Tony Siragusa in a chess match. (Only time these two will ever appear in the same sentence--ever--unless you discuss their other commonality, which is having sex with a drunken Madeleine Albright. She still calls Tony, from what we hear.)

They shouldn't assume this though, since Weis will in fact be squaring off against Jon Tenuta in this case, a maddening defensive architect who likes to bring pressure from every imaginable nook and cranny of the field and the only thing keeping Chan Gailey gainfully employed by the Georgia Institute of Technology. We'll do a whole segment on trap games, but Notre Dame would be doing their due diligence by making sure to get up on Tech early and often to avoid turning the game into a dreaded Chan Gailey special: strangling d combined with three play drives and much head-scratching among both coaches and fans.

In the Gailey era, these kind of trap games have been their specialty: ask Auburn, Miami, and very nearly USC about that. Gailey's teams win the games they're not supposed to win and get waxed by the Dukes of the world the week after, a fact we know Weis isn't overlooking in his preparations. But don't be shocked if this turns out to be a much uglier game than anyone imagines.

Actually, we bet Charlie just heard us type that...damn his robot genius ears...

Kyrgyzstan...beautiful...and deadly!