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Building on the success of their Jenn Sterger columns (And then we did a photo shoot! And my parents were so supportive! Especially of the shower scenes!) SI on Campus unearths a topper, a University of Wisconsin student who actually may be a character from a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. If SI thinks this whole "Pretty Lady=Hits" theory is going to stick...well, they're probably right, even though Buffy McThinskins over there is a bit too Aryan for our mongrel tastes.

The part amusing us at the moment is the excerpt where she models in Chicago and gets to dance onstage with Twista. We can only imagine the convo between the two:

SI Girl Brigid Mullin: So nice to meet you. I'm a big fan.

Twista: howyoudoingirlyouknowI'mbouttoshowyourightwantabiteofthesecheeseplatethankyousomuchfor

SI Girl: Oh, um, sure. You talk like that all the time?

Twista. Talklikewhatyouknowyoulikeitcomeongirlyouknowyou'lltrythat(unintelligibly fast words pass, including references to Teddy Pendergrass, Chicago, and smoking weed.)

SI Girl: I'll be over here, not eating, okay?

Must be hell to deal with at a drive-thru.