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As we have previously discussed here, with the BCS there really is no significance to being number 1 versus number 2. The only problem we currently have is that their are 3 teams who have at times looked like they should be number 1 this season. That said, we have a new number 1 atop our poll.

While this controversial play isn't enough to treat USC as if they lost the game, it is enough to be the difference between top tier unbeatens.

1. Texas. They did what they needed to do this week in dominating a quality Colorado squad and showing that Vince Young is a worthy Heisman contender. They need to continue to win convincingly to stay here given their weak schedule. A squeaker to Texas Tech next week and they are dropping.

2. Virginia Tech. A balanced team in a balanced conference. If they make it out of the ACC unbeaten, how can they be denied a right to play for the mythical national championship (I can hear the collective sighs from Auburn, Alabama as I type this). That said, they have the toughest road ahead of them with Miami and likely FSU left to play.

3. USC. Probably the most talented team in the nation, but they have struggled more than they should. Clearly if they weren't a dynasty spanning the last three years they would not be number 1 at this point. It is our intent to try to look at this season's results and those alone.

First major drop off

4. Georgia. They were in control of the whole game, but Vandy made it tough for them. They'll be really tested in the coming two weeks.

5. Alabama: Dangerously close to letting the season unravel in Oxford. The question is whether that was just a let down after destroying the will of the Gators two weeks ago, or was Prothro that important to their offense?

Another huge Drop-Off Here

6. UCLA: They like to make it dramatic don't they? They have some nice offensive playmakers and it will be interesting to see how many points are scored in the end of season showdown with USC.

7. Miami. So they beat Temple... who cares.

8. Notre Dame. That was the most impressive loss I've seen in a while. Sure they didn't mow the grass for about a month to try to slow down the Trojans, but it just shows one more way Weis can gameplan against his opponent. Too bad we didn't get to see Quinn trying to revolutionize college football by running a spread option against the Trojans. Instead, we were are forced to watch Quinn develop into a Heisman candidate and first day draft pick with a boring old NFL style offense. Now I will remove my tongue from my cheek.

9. LSU. Could they have done any more to give that game away? Yet they won so I can't punish them too much. They have some serious talent on this squad, but I still question the coaching and the brains and/or composure of their quarterback. He had some of the dumbest interceptions I've ever seen and almost had another save for the fact that he luckily was out of bounds as he threw the ball to Earl Everett.

10. Penn State: Controversial loss on a beautiful last second slant pass by Henne. The bigger loss going forward, however, might be losing Williams for the year. That could be what really starts their slide.

11. Texas Tech. Finally, we'll get to see this week if they belong in the upper echelon of college football or if they are just a product of their schedule. Even still, those offensive numbers would be impressive if they were playing a middle school squad.

12. Florida State. I guess they've never had to defend a tight end before.

13. Boston College. That fade at the end of the game was a thing of beauty.

14. Ohio State. Did they actually have some long offensive plays this week? I guess Michigan State's defense is really that bad.

15. Auburn: We'll know what they are worth after this week.

16. Oregon: Much better team than a year ago.

17. Wisconsin. This could have easily been Minnesota here but for that crazy finish.

18. Tennessee: That Florida loss is really dragging them down now

19. Michigan State: All offense, no defense.

20: Florida: All defense, no offense.

21: West Virginia: Suddenly they look like they will win the Big East and find themselves in a BCS game.

22. TCU: Took out a solid Wyoming squad.

23: Virginia: Last week is the Cavalier team we've been expecting for a few years now.

24: Fresno State: Their only loss was to Oregon, which doesn't look so bad anymore.

25: Minnesota: That loss was pretty flukey so they'll hang around for another week.

Under consideration:

Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Oregon State and Idaho.