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We’ve all just returned from an extended holiday weekend, and it’s hot as hell in most parts of the country. While we’ve all been celebrating independence — or considering what that means, and our complex relationship with it — we can also dream of cooler weather, of not feeling like the humidity is actively trying to kill us.

Let’s kill two birds with one stone by revisiting the 2000 Independence Bowl, also known as “The Snow Bowl” for the unusual-for-Shreveport snowstorm that blew through the entire game, a wild affair that ended in a 43-41 overtime win for Mississippi State over Texas A&M, who at the time were not division rivals.

From’s recap:

Shreveport Regional Airport officially recorded 2.2 inches of snowfall, which was the highest daily total snowfall in Shreveport since February 1, 1985, when 4.4 inches of snowfall was recorded. About 30 minutes before kickoff, snow blew into Shreveport with strong wind whipping from one end zone to the other. The game started with the synthetic grass field a mix of green and white. By the second quarter, the turf was blanketed by snow. Plows were used during timeouts to make the goal lines, end lines, and hash marks visible.

Some fun facts!

  • This was Jackie Sherrill’s last winning season as a head coach; he would follow this game with an 8-27 record over three seasons, and retire in the midst of a three-year NCAA investigation that ultimately found no wrongdoing. If you were smart enough to know where Jackie Sherrill hid the bodies, you’d be hid with them, son.
  • Some snow games — like your various BrownsBillsDays — are low-scoring affairs. This wasn’t! Texas A&M’s Ja’Mar Toombs set a postseason school record with 35 carries for 193 yards and three TDs. Sherrill noted after the game that “I was surprised both teams scored as many points as we did in the snow.”
  • Alabama finished last in the SEC West this season. It has no bearing on this game, but it’s fun to mention. They lost to UCF! Remember that? We do.
  • Mississippi State defensive tackle Willie Blade recorded 16 tackles in the game, and blocked the Aggies’ overtime extra-point attempt; teammate Julius Griffith returned it for two points that would prove the deciding factor once the Bulldogs scored their own touchdown in the second frame.
  • Look at that snow. Doesn’t it look refreshing?

Almost makes me want to go to Shreveport.