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Happy Friday!

We’ve reached the end of our week-long drive to support mental health services in Southern Indiana, and you’ve put up some huge numbers. I’ll say it again: I’m deeply appreciative of this community, your generosity, and your commitment to weird numbers.

The link is still live, please donate or share if you haven’t already, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve put up some big numbers on the scoreboard, and I love that.

Because, fundamentally, when it comes to football, I’m a dumb guy who likes big numbers. I appreciate a well-played defensive game as much as anyone, but when it truly comes down to it, one of the things I love most about college football vs. the pros is high scores. Touchdowns are fun. (Thank you to Pat Mahomes for taking this gospel to the pros.)

If pressed to come up with a game I enjoyed in the last decade — and we’re going to have to set aside both the Kick Six and Cincinnati 45-Pitt 44 here — there’s hardly a better candidate than 2014 TCU-Baylor. 119 combined points on 1,267 yards of total offense, a 21-point fourth-quarter comeback, two teams screwing themselves out of the playoff race — it’s the perfect college football game.

I just realized my son was born 9 months after this game. It was a GOOD game.

Enjoy your weekend, donate, and thank you for supporting Every Day Should Be Saturday.