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28th Annual Peoples Choice Awards
Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images

There really is no bottom to “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Its profound and spiritual and endless, a bottomless well of meaning for all of humanity to explore. Even twenty years later, just when we believe all possible inspiration has been mined out of it, someone comes up with something we’ve never seen before.

COMETS ALONE SHATTER THE FRAME. See, where we are, reinvigorated by the magic of Smash Mouth, and also from remembering that Google Translate exists. Reverse translation obviously reaches a theoretical limit in greatness when “All Star” is used, because “All Star” exists at the theoretical limit of nearly every form of written and/or musical endeavor.

However, putting eight of the greatest fight songs in college football through the process works really well, tool. Fight songs are already mostly incoherent and enthusiastic jibberish. Translating them into a second language using a sorta accurate free internet program, and then translating them back, degrades nothing.

In a lot of these cases, we’d argue it actually improves them.

Yea! Alabama (English —> Armenian —> English)

Yes, Alabama. Dump ‘em Tide!

Every “Bamma man is behind,

Hit your step.

Go to the bulldogs to teach you,

Send yellow coats to the water graveyard.

And if a person begins to lose weight,

It’s a shame!

Bamboo ribs and doves

Write his name on Crimson Flame.

Fight, fight, fight people.

Remember Rose Bowl, then we will win.

Go, win the victory,

Hit your step,

You’re the pride of Dickey,

About Crimson Tide, Roll Tide, Roll Tide.

Hail to the victors (English —> Mandarin Chinese —> English)

We cheer for them again.

We cheered and cheered again

For Michigan, we cheered for the Michigan team.

We cheered with power and main force

We cheer, cheer, cheer

It is possible to cheer with the main ones!

“Rocky Top” (English —> Estonian —> English)

I wish I was in Rocky Top

Down in Tennessee Mountains

Is rocky toil not blocked by smoke?

Do not have phone books?

If I had a Rocky Top Girl

Half, the second half of the cat

Wild as a mink, but sweet like soda

I still dream about it

Rocky Top, you can always be

Home sweet home to me

Good o ‘Rocky Top

Rocky Top, Tennessee

Rocky Top, Tennessee

When two strangers came up with “Rocky Top”

See you still

Strangers have not come down to Rocky Top

Think they never will

Corn does not grow at Rocky Top

Mud is too bitter

That’s why everyone in Rocky Top

Get your corn jar

Rocky Top, you can always be

Home sweet home to me

Good o ‘Rocky Top

Rocky Top, Tennessee

Rocky Top, Tennessee

I had a city life for many years

Finished like a piercing pencil

All I know is this cunning life

It can not be easy

“Boomer Sooner” (English —> Malayalam —> English)

Boomer is shortly thereafter, Boomer is shortly thereafter

Boomer is shortly thereafter, Boomer is shortly thereafter

Boomer is shortly thereafter, Boomer is shortly thereafter

Boomer right away, right!

Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Oklahoma, Oklahoma

Oklahoma, ok you!

I’m a kid

When I die, when I die

Ram Oklahoma, Rahu Okloha

Ram Oklahoma, Oke You!

“On Wisconsin” (English —> Ukrainian —> English)

Oh, Wisconsin! Oh, Wisconsin! Sink right through this line!

Launch the ball straight down, landing sure that this time.

Oh, Wisconsin! Oh, Wisconsin! Fight for her glory

Struggle! Scholarships! Struggle! To fight, fight, we win this game.

Oh, Wisconsin! Oh, Wisconsin! Get up, Buggy sing!

”Forward” is our driving spirit of loyal voices.

Oh, Wisconsin! Oh, Wisconsin! Lift her light of flame!

Stand, guys, let’s now congratulate her name!

“(I’m a) Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech”

I am the Ramblin ‘Wreck of Georgia Tech, and the engine hell -

Hell, hell, hell, hell, hell hell.

Like all the good men, I’m drinking my whiskey.

I am the Ramblin ‘Wreck of Georgia Tech and the engine hell.

O! If I had a girl, sir, wearing White and Gold,

You have to put him in camp to enjoy the courage.

But if I have a son, sir, I’ll tell you what to do-

He would cry, ‘In hell in Georgia!’ just as his father meant to do.

Well, I wish I had a pipe of rum and sugar for three thousand,

The bell bell is to put it with the clapper to rotate it.

I will drink from all good people from far and near.

It’s a string, ‘striking’, hell engine!

“Tiger Rag” (English —> Maori —> English)

For a long time, it goes down to the forest

Each participated in a song,

And that bag was brought from the bush

It is a very popular one.

The sounds and sounds you are sending!

Hot! then hot, you will burn too!

The only thing is the tumult of the tiger

It was written in a written form,

Tiger’s cry is much more fun

Allow the place where you are going today

They are allegedly ‘

Where is Tiger! Where is Tiger!

Where is Tiger! Where is Tiger!

Keep that Tiger! Keep that Tiger!

Keep that Tiger!

War Eagle (English —> Burmese —> English)

War Eagle, fly down the field,

To comply generations, never to make.

Without fear of a genuine war eagle.

Orange and blue on your Fight.

Go! Go! Go!

vict’ry, the band struck up.

Give ‘em hell,’ ‘Give em hell

Hey, Big Truck!

Winning for the War Eagle, Auburn,

Dixieland’s power!