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  1. The Incident That Occurred At Jordan-Hare, And How It Affected The Life Of Dale
  2. O, Rgeron!
  3. Concerning Jacquizz and His Brother James, Who Excelled In An Unlikely Place And Made A Pleasant But Unremarkable Man Seem Better At His Job Than He May Have Been, Ultimately Sealing His Fate
  4. Seventeen Minutes of Flugelhorn (Indiana Football, I Have Loved You)
  5. The Quarterbacks, Once of Gainesville, Now Finding The Success That Had Eluded Them
  6. A Rutger, Or Possibly More Than One
  7. The Big 12 North (Misunderstood And Underappreciated, But Not Forgotten By Us)
  8. The Professional Career of Craig Krenzel, Chicago Bear, Which Is Not What We Remember Him For
  9. Jacksonville
  10. A Short Reprise For Mike Gundy, Who Went Insane, But With Good Intentions
  11. What Truly Happened That Night At The Mardi Gras Casino & Resorts in Cross Lanes, West Virginia
  12. Come On! Run The Ball, Mike Bobo (Pt. 1: Good But Not Great Georgia Pt. 2: 7-6 in Fort Collins)
  13. I Was In Line For The Men’s Room When They Took The Gigapixel Crowd Shot And Thus My Memories Of The Title Game Will Be Limited To Those Which I Now Relay To You In Song
  14. On Rob Ianello And Managing To Underwhelm Expectations At Akron (The Lament At Infocision)
  15. Randy Edsall’s Tweets, Which I Can No Longer See
  16. Conference USA Media Day
  17. John Cooper, Will History Forgive You Now?
  18. Alabama Needs Three Points (And I Am Unsure Of What Happens Next)
  19. Will Hagerup Prepares To Receive The Snap
  20. Bielema, We Hope The Time Off Is Good For You
  21. Toledo Is Playing Ball State In Football Tonight, And Although We Cannot See It Through The Fog, We Trust That It Is There (Today Is Tuesday)
  22. Maryland-Nebraska, a Conference Game!
  23. One Last Plea To Fire Butch Jones, Despite His Already Having Been Fired
  24. Eight Lateral Passes And A Touchdown, Preceding A Dispute Over The Interpretation of Those Events
  25. Byron Hout Has Spoken Out Of Turn, It Seems
  26. The Various Recessions Related To Jimbo Fisher, Including But Not Limited To His Hairline And His Move To College Station
  27. William Christopher Swinney
  28. Three-Hundred And Seventy-Four People At A Baseball Stadium In Miami One December Monday (We Have Come To See The Mormons Brawl)
  29. Kevin, Who Brought A Sign To The Game, Which Is On ESPN3, Holding It Up For the Camera, Which Will Not Find Him (An Acrostic About Tulane Football)
  30. The Onion-Man Who Chose This Life Over The Law
  31. A Short Ride On Arkansas Highway 16 That Would Ultimately Bring Bobby Back To Where He Began, But Not Without Stops Along The Way
  32. The Head Coach At Kentucky State University, Who Looks Familiar, But Cannot Be Placed
  33. A Boat Which Was Rowed To The Headwaters of the Mississippi River And Appears To Have Become Stuck In The Mud
  34. A Critical Re-Evaluation Of Steve Addazio, Given Both His Level Of Success And Your Own In The Years Since You Parted Ways Having Thought He Was The Biggest Of Your Problems
  35. Honk! (If You’re Harbaugh)
  36. Four Weeks In The Autumn Of 2014 When No One Appeared Better Than Mississippi State Bulldogs At Football, And How That Felt In The Moment
  37. Bud Foster Has Chosen His Lane (Both In Life, And That’s Also The Name Of The Stadium)